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Firefly Legal is an associate legal services company that serves the Columbus, OH area. We specialize in fast and reliable process service, ultimately meeting your legal support needs.

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About Us:

Firefly Legal has been growing and evolving ever since our founding in 1996. Initially, we were just focused on process service. Process serving is still our specialty but we have expanded our services to include court filing and skip tracing. With these additional services, we don’t feel like just a process serving company anymore. Now, we identify ourselves as an associate legal services company. The additional services are meant to complement process serving and to meet your legal support needs.

We are constantly seeking ways to make our lives and our clients’ lives easier. Along the way, we hope to improve the process serving industry.

With this in mind, we are continually improving our internal processes to serve your legal documents. Improving these in-house processes make Firefly Legal quicker, more efficient, and cost effective for you. For example, you will be able to check the status of your papers online all day, every day of the week.

In addition to the technical advantages we provide clients, our intensive training program for servers makes sure that they know the laws and the high standards that we expect from Firefly employees as they serve papers in the Columbus area.


Process Service: Firefly Legal process servers are educated, trained, and experienced individuals. They will make sure that your documents are served quickly and according to Ohio law. Additionally, they will provide status updates on the latest activity regarding your papers.

Court Filings: Court filing can be simple and straightforward or it can be a headache. At Firefly, we make it simple because we understanding the documents we carry, where the documents are going, and why the documents are going there. Instead of being lost, our knowledge means we can get around any potential issue when filing your documents.

Skip Tracing: Firefly created a custom pre-skip system to help locate the whereabouts of a person. Our system has proven to increase the odds of finding a person on the first attempt. We use it before we go out the first time to serve process so that we are successful.

Why Hire Firefly:

Firefly Legal strives to be your Columbus, OH process server of choice. We are driven to deliver results that are effective and recognize the true nature of our partnership with clients.

Simply, we create solutions that improve the lives of everyone involved. As an added benefit, we continue to grow our network of servers across the nation, which will help clients by eliminating many third party and add-on costs. We want to leave no doubt when you think of these services, you think Firefly.

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